Again a GIRL - welcome Birdmountain Ruby Moon

We are blessed with beautiful girls!!! Birdmountain Ruby Moon by Birdmountain Van Halen (Gleann Rua Maxwell x Carnane Veronica by Anbally Cloud) out of Vinura Rockola (Errismore Rocky x Vinura Lola by Drymills Bridgeboy), was born May, 1st, 2019

It´s a girl - Birdmountain Violet

We welcome a beautiful filly: Birdmountain Violet by Eldorado Rock (El Larry, elite awarded) out of Carnane Vera (Clochanard Paddy, Clifden winner, 3year old stallions x Blackforest Vivienne)

Birdmountain Van Halen was licensed and also best of bred

Birdmountain Van Halen by Clifden- and RDS Champion, Gleann Rua Maxwell, Elite awarded, out of Carnane Veronica (by Clifden Champion Anbally Cloud) passed the national inspection, 6th of October 2018 by the Hessian Pony Society. He was also awarded as best of bred. We are happy for the Connemaraponystud Kinzighausen and delighted that the judges liked him as much as we do.


News from competitions

Our riders and ponies have been successful in some tournaments this year, too. For example, Ballydavid Fianna (by Killmullen Fionn) and Vinura Rockola (by Erissmore Rocky) came second in a dressage class class E. They were a part of the Grünberger pony team. Ballydavid Fianna also were first in the ribbons in a dressage  class A and showed a great round in the show jumping team competition Kl. E. Vinura Milly (by Banks Timber) was first time shown in a show jumping competition class A, a young horses class and in a dressage class A and was already twice 1st Reserve, all against warmbloods. Our ponies are wonderful.

Now it´s official: We offer a 5* home for ponies

In july, not our ponies, but our stable and the conditions of horse husbandry were awarded. Our husbandry conditions did not only convince ("fulfilled") the commission of the LAG in all seven categories. But we achieved twice the distinction "silver" ("more than fulfilled") and even triple "GOLD "(" much more than fulfilled "). Our husbandry is with regard to "nutrition "," social behavior "and" health " outstanding. The criteria can be found at are very proud of that!

Finally....a girl!

We are very happy that Birdmountain Yngrid, by Eldorado Rock out of Carnane Yves ( by Innellan Condor) arrived. She is not only beautiful but very friendly, a real sunshine.

Eventing course with Julia Schwanbeck

Last Thursday we started the "green season" with the support of Julia Schwanbeck. Vinura Milly and Vinura Rockola were trained for the first time with solid fences and water breaks. Ballydavid Fianna was in her element as she jumped the eventing jumps.












First foal in 2018 arrived

Welcome "Birdmountain Song of Life", a handsome and strong colt by TGH Idefix (TGH Dun Iltschi by Imperator Melody) out of Sternberg Salut (by El Larry).

A perfect 2018!!
.....wishes Birdmountain Karat (by Sternberg Like me out of Fernville Knocknore Mist, Best Mare in Show and Reserve Supreme Champion, Germany 2014)
Ballydavid Fianna and Vinura Milly did proof the versality of Connemara Ponies

Vinura Milly, 4-year-old mare by Banks Timber, achieved not only a remarkebal score of 6,0 (out of 10) against warmbloods in a dressage talent test but was 2th place in a dressage competition on novice level with a score of 6,8.

Carnane Yves started her career as a riding pony

Carnane Yes, 3 year old filly by Innellan Condor, just started her career as a riding pony. She is not only a great mover but also a pleasure to work with. Watch her 4weeks after breaking.

Again in the ribbons

Ballydavid Fianna by Killmullen Fionn was with a remarkable score of 7.2 (out of 10) again in the ribbons. This pony is one in a million.

Vinura Milly was in the ribbons

Vinura Milly, 4-year-old mare by Banks Timber, achieved a remarkebal 6th place at her first start in a dressage competition on novice level leaving a large field of participants behind. We were not only proud of her good  performance, but also of the fact that she were able to impress numerous spectators

Finally - Birdmountain Captain Jack Sparrow arrived

It took nearly a year. However we are happy to welcome a smart, tall and "dark" colt by TGH Indiana Jones out of Chiara vom Donaumoos. This handsome lad is called Birdmountain Captain Jack Sparrow.

A star was born - Birdmountain Rock´n Roll

She wasn´t expected yet but we are happy that she is with us now: Birdmountain Rock´n Roll. This strong filly is out of Vinura Rockola, sire is Skobuoe Morning Rock.

Ballydavid Fianna and Vinura Milly competed succesfully

Ballydavid Fianna was in the ribbons and competed succesfully against warmbloods. She scored in dressage testing 6,7 (out of 10). Vinura Milly competed first time and did an extremly good job. She scored 6,2 (out of 10).








First foal 2017

We welcome Birdmountain Bounty, a strong colt by Robe River Mist out of Brown Diamond. He is handsome and we all fell in love with him.

Sucessful testing for the Deutsche Reitabzeichen V


Our connemara mares Ballydavid Fianna and Vinura Rockola did proof that Connemaraponies can do it all: Dressage, Show Jumping, shown in hand and more.... they were great! We congratulate their riders to the German riding badge, class V!


The Team of Birdmountain Connemarapony stud and all Ponies....

...wish you a good start into 2017 and a happy new year!

Irish bred Connemarapony is part of the performance team Oberhessen-Mitte

Mina Mc Sherry (11 years) and Ballydavid Fianna (7 years) had been elected for the youth performance team (dressage) Oberhessen-Mitte. We are very proud!

Last foal 2016 arrived: Birdmountain Sparkler

Birdmountain Sparkler, a stunning dun colt, by Caherlistrane Con (by Silver Shadow) out of Sternberg Salut arrived with the beginning of summer. He is not only gorgous but very charming and vivid.

Birdmountain Just Judy

We are happy that our good broodmare, Knockalla Jenny Wren, gave birth to a strongboned very charming filly, Birdmountain Just Judy. Sire is the worldwide known Skoboue Morning Rock, an Elite- and Premium awarded stallion who passes true type, good confirmation and exeptional good gaits.

Carnane Yves is invited to the Show for Elitemares

We showed Carnane Yves (by Innelan Condor out of Cnocban Yasha, bred by Michael and Deirdre Holmes, IRL) at an inspection for Elitemares. She convinced with her good type, stronboned and with her very good gaits and got an invitation to the show for Elitemares. This show is held only every four years and only the best inspected mares are invited. We are very proud.

Ballydavid Fianna was in the ribbons

Ballydavid Fianna was succesfull in her first dressage competition and received great 2nd place.

Welcome Birdmountain Kind of Magic

We are very happy that our wonderful Fernville Knockenore Mist (by I love you Melody), Overall Reserve Supreme Champion, German Connemara Ponyshow 2014, gave birth to a strongboned, charming filly, Birdmountain Kind of Magic, aka Maggie. She is by Elite stallion and multiple Champion Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel (by Hazy Dawn), fullbrother to Frederiksminde Hazy Match.

Ballydavid Fianna arrived

We had the great opportunity to purchase a daughter of the famous Kilmullen Fionn (grade A showjumper with 540 showjumping points and sire of Monaghonstown Pat, a multiple show champion, and Turlough Star, Quantum QT and Bracken Fionn, all successfully competing in GB, Sweden and France). Ballydavid Fianna is correct in every way, has very good gaits and proofs that connemaraponies can do all! We are very grateful that her breeder, Mrs. Madeleine Gervais, sold us this dream-pony.

Last but not least: Birdmountain Van Halen

We are absolutly happy that the last foal 2015 was born healthy: Birdmountain Van Halen. He is a handsome and strong colt. Van Halen is a real outcroos - the son of Gleann Rua Maxwell, prolific show ring and performance winner, and our highly regarded Carnane Veronica by Anbally Cloud.

A filly is born: Birdmountain C ´est si bon

We waited long for a filly which could be the successor of Chiara, which was our reliable broodmare for many years. Now a beautiful, strongboned filly with exceptionell gaits arrived: Birdmountain C´est si bon by Thiergartenhof Indiana Jones.

Birdmountain Easy Going

We are absolutly happy that Birdmountain Easy Going was born. He is a handsome and very strong colt. In addition to that his father Gleann Rua Maxwell, prolific show ring and performance winner, passed his stunning gaits - we believe Easy Going will become a real performance pony.

Birdmountain Karat

We welcome Birdmountain Karat by Sternberg Like me out of Reserve Supreme Champion Fernvile Knocknore Mist -

a handsome and strong colt with a head to die for.

St. Patrick´s day

Fernville Knocknore Mist and Knockalla Jenny Wren enjoyed a sunny St. Patrick´s day.

Welcome Carnane Yves

We welcome a wonderful yearling filly at our stud: Carnane Yves by Innellan Condor (by Linsfort Barney) out of the highly recommended Cnocban Yasha. Thanks to Carnane stud, runned by Mike and Deirdre Holmes, which entrusted Yves to us.

We, the Team and all Ponies of Connemaraponystud Birdmountain, wish you a Merry X-Mas and a happy 2015.... - for all - Fernville Knocknore Mist, Broodmare Champion 2014 and Reserve Best in Show 2014, and "Santa Claus".

Carnane Veronica is in foal by Supreme Champion Gleann Rua Maxwell

We are very happy that Carnane Veronica, 2nd, three year old mare class, German Connemara Pony Show 2014, is in foal by Gleann Rua Maxwell by Westside Fred, Elite Class 1 Reg. Connemara Pony Stallion and prolific show ring and performance winner in his native Ireland....

HWSD is not a problem for and in our breed

Hoof Wall Separation Disease (HWSD) is a genetic defect characterized by a hoof wall that easily breaks and cracks, and a normal appearing coronary band. The breaks and cracks begin to occur in young ponies. HWSD is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. This means that carriers are completely normal and only animals with two copies of the mutation will show clinical signs of the disease. Although it is a rare disease and we don´t know any Connemarapony with significant signs, we did test the resident mares.

Overall Reserve Supreme Championship of the German Connemara Pony show went to our Fernville Knocknore Mist

The German Connemara Pony Show was a great success for our stud:

Following the morning classes the Reserve Junior Champion went to our two year old filly Carnane Mathilda, bred by Michael and Deirdre Holmes, Clifden, Ireland. In the three year old mare class Carnane Veronica, bred by Michael and Deirdre Holmes, Clifden, Ireland, took the second place and Knockalla Jenny Wren, bred by Judy Cuddy, Ireland, was second in a strong 5 to 6 year old mare class. The winner of 10 to 14 year old mare class, our wonderful Fernville Knocknore Mist, bred by John Canavan, Ireland, was winner of the mare championship and went on to take the overall Reserve Supreme Championship. It was a great day.



3th place Birdmountain Tassilo

He proofs that Connemaraponies can do everything: Birdmountain Tassilo by El Larry out of  Van de Arenbosch Tessa is a very successful western pony.  At the EWU competition in Grünberg he placed 3th in Western Pleasure (LK4 /Adults). We are very happy for his proud owner.


Caorán Eibhlinn is in foal

We are very happy that Caorán Eibhlinn is in foal by Gleann Rua Maxwell by Westside Fred, Elite Class 1 Reg. Connemara Pony Stallion and prolific show ring and performance winner in his native Ireland.